May 25, 2008

New video work

Something I did for a university TV in Brazil (actually for a friend)
I've mixed 3D elements and 2D editing/compositing to achieve this final result:


alex said...

that is very very cool!
i wish that one day i could do some cool 3d stuff as well ;)

Ramiel said...

Thank you!
I'm sure you will, it only need some patience... Trust me! ;-)

Thanks again!

alex said...

that was fast :)
i believe that when i will get the time, it will be possible. if not, i can stick to video editing, without the cool 3d stuff..

Ramiel said...

He he he, I was already online... ;P

Anyway, just give it a try, if it doesn't work, video editing is still a GREAT way to express yourself artistically!