Dec 16, 2010


And these my friends are some of my creations that I did for a hobbist market here in Italy.
Hope you like them! :)

Sep 15, 2010


Well, since Ubisoft didn't want to use this image in their upcoming "fanart book", I can now share it online! ;)

Sep 1, 2010

I almost forgot!!!

This seems like a "double-post", I know, but I almost forgot to tell you that there are some cool "Halloween" patches for sale at SciFi-Geeks
The even "cooler" part is that I DESIGNED THEM!!!

So, if you like Halloween like me, or you simply like the design, well, you can buy these patches and wear them with pride! Hehehe ;P

This is a preview for you, enjoy! :)

The LOST update...

Yes, I know it's shocking but this blog isn't dead yet!
(I just don't have enough time to update it regularly, that's all)
So I hope you like the latest digital piece I did, based on a sketch I did on the "usual" notebook I use while on train (I'll post that one later)
See ya! :)

Jun 27, 2010

Must due update!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, but at least here it is another one...
Still ballpoint pen on train...

Licenza Creative Commons
Questa opera di Giorgio Viola รจ concessa in licenza sotto la
Licenza Creative Commons Attribuzione - Non commerciale - Non opere derivate 3.0 Unported.

Jun 20, 2010

Shop, Shoppe, Shopping!

Probably you haven't noticed yet, but on the sidebar there is a link to my Zazzle shop where I'm trying to sell some stuff with some of my creation on it...
So if you want to take a moment and take a look... ;)
My Zazzle Shop

Mar 21, 2010

Update of the sketchbook...

Some randomness on my sketchbook done with ballpen mostly on train and in the underground :)

Feb 25, 2010

3D ideas... I think I've got one...

And I think it could have been a good one... I think you can guess where this comes from, right? ;)

Feb 6, 2010

updated sketches...

Some moree doodles done on various places with a ballpoint pen on the small notebook, of course I have done more than these sketches, but some of them are ideas I want to "keep secret" so to speak, at lest so far... ;)

Halloween ideas... I do a lot of Halloween stuf, don't I? LOL

And this is a very quick sketch of the train station in Rome I usually go to...

And that's all folks for this post :)
See you later!

Jan 30, 2010

Watercolors for my love...

Something I did for my lovely girlfriend, trying to use her style of drawing and her ideas wuth a style she would love (watercolors)... I Love her, how could you NOT love her!

By the way, here it is her blog if you want to take a look: