Sep 15, 2010


Well, since Ubisoft didn't want to use this image in their upcoming "fanart book", I can now share it online! ;)

Sep 1, 2010

I almost forgot!!!

This seems like a "double-post", I know, but I almost forgot to tell you that there are some cool "Halloween" patches for sale at SciFi-Geeks
The even "cooler" part is that I DESIGNED THEM!!!

So, if you like Halloween like me, or you simply like the design, well, you can buy these patches and wear them with pride! Hehehe ;P

This is a preview for you, enjoy! :)

The LOST update...

Yes, I know it's shocking but this blog isn't dead yet!
(I just don't have enough time to update it regularly, that's all)
So I hope you like the latest digital piece I did, based on a sketch I did on the "usual" notebook I use while on train (I'll post that one later)
See ya! :)