Oct 5, 2011

Still alive!!!

Yes, I know, I haven't posted anything since March!
The job was tight and the life was busy, but still I have a TON of things I want to post, let's hope I could find the time!

One of the most important thing is my activity as a WANDMAKER
(a sort of real-life Ollivanders, you know?)
I have a Facebook page for that here:

The real gallery for the wands and relative info and prices it's coming, so far you can see just some examples from the first batch of wands I've made, the second one, dear wizards and witches, will blow your mind! ;)

I've just been on a big comic convention here in Rome and I customized an awesome ironman helmet made by this guy: Alpha Studios (soon to be Pannaus Props, search him on Facebook)
And from that helmet I made SKELETOR!
(this is me working on it... Please forgive my face)
So... This is just the tip of teh iceberg, an awful lot more to post and no time to do it... Like always XD

See you soon (if there's still someone here... Anyone?)

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